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President Obama has stated on numerous occasions that small businesses are “the engines of job creation and essential to strengthening our national economy.” The Benjamin Law Group is a small business, and our attorneys have owned other small businesses outside of the practice of law. We are entrepreneurs!

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Start-Ups & Small Businesses

Civil Litigation & Trial

Technology, Sports and Entertainment

Our attorneys assist clients with a wide-variety of legal issues, across numerous areas of business and law.

Start-Ups and Small Businesses

With respect to start-ups and small businesses, we advise founders and business owners on the selection and formation of corporate entities, securities, negotiating and enforcing contracts and agreements, and labor and employment policies and practices.

We’ve created and owned businesses, so we truly cherish the opportunity to be a part of the creation, support, growth, and success of new and small businesses.

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Civil Litigation and Trial

With respect to handling issues requiring litigation and/or trial, we are trial lawyers with track records of success. We handle matters involving just two parties with simple disputes, to multi-party cases that are deemed large and complex. Our success at trial informs our approach to litigation and settlement.

When litigation strikes, we believe you are best served by attorneys that win at trial, and that love doing it.

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Technology, Sports, and Entertainment

With respect to technology, sports and entertainment, we get to wear a different hat in a space that know very well.

Our attorneys are either former collegiate or professional athletes, we serve as General Counsel to technology companies, and we have had substantive involvement in the entertainment industry. We are more than just lawyers, we bring a personal experience to the table that many lawyers do not.

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